Business Writing 101

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The ability to communicate effectively through writing is an important skill in the business world. Clarity and simplicity in business communications are crucial, and it is important to be an effective business writer regardless of the medium. This course provides insight on how to improve your business writing skills and use them to propel your business.


Business writing is a type of writing that is used in a professional setting. It is a purposeful piece of writing that conveys relevant information to the reader in a clear, concise, and effective manner. It includes client proposals, reports, memos, emails, and notices. Proficiency in business writing is a critical aspect of effective communication in the workplace.

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7 Lessons

Business Writing 101

What is Business Writing ?
Pros & Cons
Before Writing a Business Document
Grammar and Language
Formatting and Graphics Elements
Types of Business Communication
Summary: Principles to Remember

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Impressively explained and to the point! An effective e-mail content and clarity in communication is the key in today's business world.

Very informative course and helpful for writing Emails and Newsletter. Thanks for uploading this one


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